Wizkid talks about his unpredictable personality [VIDEO]

Wizkid personality

Nigerian singer Wizkid is one Artiste you just have to love his personality

In a recent interview, Wizkid can be heard talking about the way he lives his life which he calls unpredictable to avoid pressure.

We can slightly call this a dish to Davido and some other Nigerian Artist as the African representor says he’s not like other Artistes that announces their every move .

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In Big Wiz’s words :

My problem is I love to give people surprise.

That’s why I don’t like to give date, or tell you when it going to come

I will just ……. It’s coming soon.

Then a female voice came in asking :

Is that why you don’t like to give date

Or is it because you’re always late.

Which Wizkid replied :

I’m.. That’s true,

Nah, But I like, I like..

I hate when people can predict me.

They say Wizkid is dropping an Album tommorrow,

Why should you know am dropping an Album tommorrow ?

Why can’t you just wake up and I drop it next week ?

Or wake up, I dropped it yesterday,

That’s what I love, I love stuffs like that.

That’s art for me, It’s like, cause when ever I am making music

Or whatever we do, is like painting a picture right?

And everything is like a phase in your life.

So right now, I’m in a difference space.

That we cannot give you everything

Watch video of Wizkid talking about his personality below :



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