Wizkid fans struggles for his towel – divides it with a lighter

Wizkid towel

Wizkid has caused done it again as fans refused to let go of his sweaty towel he threw in the crowd

On October 12, 2021, Wizkid performed in Texas (US) Which is one of his  tour location, during the performance, BigWiz threw his towel into the crowd.

Just as expected, the crowd rushed for it, and it got to the hands of a couple of females who refused to let go of it.

As they struggle and no one refused to let go, the fans decided to share it with a lighter (serving as a cutter).

However, the towel was successfully shared to the lucky fans, talking about this, one of the girls who got a share in her words, said :

When I Die, Bury Me With This 

Watch video below :



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